February 19, 2014

What to do with your sexy Peekaboo photos

You just recently did your fabulous Peekaboo boudoir photoshoot, loved every minute of it, got your sexy photos and now what? Here are seven ideas about how to make the most out of your sexy Peekaboo photos and keep that sexy beautiful feeling alive long after the photoshoot.

1. Text your honey a new sexy photo every month to keep things spicy and surprising. Even if he is out of words and may or may not text you back at that moment, trust us on this, he will be anticipating to get home to you!

Miss J photographed by Peekabo Portland Boudoir Photography











2. Hide a sexy print of you in his underwear drawer when you know that you’ll be around the morning after, and wait for his reaction when he gets to it while you’re still in bed. Play fun games and enjoy feeling sexy!












3. Make a calendar for your man or yourself with all your gorgeous Peekaboo photos. You can hang it by your vanity to remind you every day when you’re getting ready in the morning how sexy and beautiful you felt during your photoshoot. You should always feel like that!












4. Leave a Little Black Book with your sexiest photos on his nightstand on a day when you’ll be MIA.  It will keep him busy longing for your return.












5. Change the screensaver on his home computer to your favorite boudoir photos! You can get your favorite sexy images in your own slick and convenient Peekaboo keepsake Wooden Hard Drive.












6. Hang a beautiful Peek-a-Bamboo Print in his man cave. This is a 8 by 12 inch print archivally and artistically mounted on Bamboo, making it not only look stunning but also built to last.












7. Fill up a Naughty Box with a couple of your favorite sexy and beautifully matted boudoir photos, a handwritten love note, rose petals, and any little gift you may want to add to the package to give to him on his birthday. It will be the best birthday gift package that he could ever anticipate!












If you missed any of thee goodies during your Peekaboo photoshoot, just give us a ring and we can arrange a special order for you. Or if you haven’t done a Peekaboo phooshoot yet, then we hope you are now inspired and prepared to make the most out of your upcoming sexy photos.


I like the “hide a sexy print” idea. Great photographs by the way.