July 27, 2012

Take A look At Our Favorite Peekboo Women!

Hey Peekaboo Ladies,

Just taking a look back at some glamorous women with their lovely and always stunning boudoir images! Theses women are the real deal, they took control and felt empowered by the experience! Whether your style is modern chic, full of vintage flair, or edgy glamour, your personal session will capture your true essence.

It’s about understanding the way your body moves, what ways look best, and capturing that beauty on camera. We take great interest in understanding the intimate nature of boudoir photography. Whether your photos are a gift to your lover, a record of self-expression, or a little bit of both, we will show you how fun and empowering Peekaboo Portland can be.

Check out our Peekaboo Portland website to book your very own Peekaboo Shoot! xox