February 16, 2013

Miss E in the studio!

Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-001 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-002 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-003 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-004 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-005 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-006 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-007 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-008 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-009 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-010 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-011 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-012 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-013 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-014 Portland-Oregon-Sexy-Photos-015

Miss E’s stunning shoot at the studio was elegant, inspired and stylish. Her incredible lingerie and gorgeous body made for a lovely gift for her husband to be! She braved the chilly North Portland air and we were able to capture some sun outdoors in modest and comfortable looks, like vintage slips. SO stunning! Thanks Miss E for giving us permission to use your beautiful images for our blog!