April 11, 2013

Peekaboo Shoes for You

Peekaboo_Studio-001 size 9

Size 9

Peekaboo_Studio-003 size 10

Size 10

Peekaboo_Studio-007 size 7

Size 6.5

Peekaboo_Studio-009 size 6.5

Size 7.5

Hello lovely ladies!

Here are four sexy pairs of shoes we have at our Peekaboo studio for you to use during your photoshoot. Pick from lavish sparkly heels, to strap-on peep-toe sexy black, to beige patent leather for more neutral looks, to all-time classic black suede pumps. Choose and pick your favorite! Don’t worry much about the size because you’ll only be wearing them for a short time and our amazing¬† photographer can easily work around to frame them in the shot to look perfect! Now you have an idea when you go shopping for your sexy lingerie, and you can always bring your own favorite pairs of shoes.

Until our next blog post, visualize yourself looking the prettiest and sexiest in these shoes at your next Peekaboo photoshoot, projecting to the camera the beautiful goddess that you are!


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