April 9, 2013

Our Beautiful Studio

Peekaboo_Studio-063 Peekaboo_Studio-040 Peekaboo_Studio-074 Peekaboo_Studio-071 Peekaboo_Studio-029
Peekaboo_Studio-019 Peekaboo_Studio-028 Peekaboo_Studio-026 Peekaboo_Studio-035 Peekaboo_Studio-046 Peekaboo_Studio-049 Peekaboo_Studio-050 Peekaboo_Studio-051

Unwind, relax, and let your inner goddess unfold in front of the camera in our beautiful studio where all the magic happens. Our studio features several beautiful spots that make ideal setups for the shoot, from the deluxe bedding to the antique chairs and backdrops, to the all natural beautiful plants, and vintage pin-up drawings, you will feel surrounded by pure natural beauty, just like yourself. All you have to do is show up, and be YOU! We’ll do the rest and you can thank us later when you’re wowed with the results. Your man won’t know what hit him when he sees your photos and you’ll shine for days to come. Give us a jingle at 503-964-7063  or email us at info@peekabooportland.com. Let’s discuss ideas, we love hearing from you.