December 27, 2010

Miss L’s Modern Boudoir Experience

Miss L rocked her Peekaboo shoot – she looks amazing, and her images are stunning!

She even brought her belly dancing gear, and Jessica got some fun shots playing with the light.

Real talk, ladies. Here’s what Miss L had to say about her shoot:

“It was therapeutic to interact with Jessica in a manner that allowed me to be comfortable with my body and the way I move it… I found that I can move in playful ways and feel good about the way I look. When I feel my confidence waiver, I think of how I could strut in front of Jessica’s camera. Knowing I can strut, brings forward my confidence to manage other situations in my every day life.”

It was a bit teary around the studio when we got this sweet note from L. This is why we do what we do – we want every girl to feel sexy and empowered in her own skin. We’re so pleased to document Miss L and the other wonderful Peekaboo ladies – and we’re so thankful for the opportunity you give us to work with you!