October 15, 2014

Loving Your Body This Fall


You may or may have not noticed the little beautiful details of Fall weather around Portland. But one thing that is for sure: cold weather is here to stay, at least for several months. And along with cold weather and cozy warm clothes come the holidays and yummy comfort food… lots of it! However, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay any less attention to your body and start to neglect any of the health routines you have been working on so hard since Spring, or even before. Lucky for you, we have compiled a simple list of self loving and caring routines you can adopt to continue keeping that body of yours – as well as your mind – healthy and beautiful throughout fall, winter, and for years to come!


Portland has an abundant variety of yoga studios. Not only that but many of them also offer free yoga classes throughout the year. If you’re not a fan of yoga, gyms, dance studios and other workout facilities are all over the city. For the weather resilient ones out there, you can take your running shoes or bike and go to a different park in Portland every other week. Natural environment is something that, luckily, this beautiful city of ours has plenty to offer. Maintaining a healthy and fun workout routine throughout the colder days of the year is crucial not just for the body but also your mind. try supplementing vitamin D in your diet for the lack of sunshine if that’s something that affects you.


Sleep more! Your body needs it, your mind needs it, and your mood needs it too! Especially now that the days keep getting shorter, make sure to give yourself enough sleep to feel well-rested so your immune system maintains itself to the highest standards. Make sure it is quality sleep; a plush and comfortable eye mask along with ear plugs or soft music or nature sounds will help. Melatonin, lavender oil and a slightly cool room will help you sleep deeper. If you have any health issues or allergies, make sure to consult with a doctor as difficulties with sleep often are just symptoms to other actual issues.


Laugh more. Laugh often! Try to be light-hearted and don’t take yourself too seriously. If you are not an easily entertained person, try finding gratitude for simple things in life. Look at cute animals, or babies. The process helps our brain release serotonin which makes us feel good and at ease.

Coconut Oil

Use it in your food, on your skin, hair, nails… everywhere and all the time! Take the time to actually massage your skin and hair during the application. Think of it as an act of kindness to your body, and rest assured that your body will love you for it for years to come. For more healthy hair and skin care ideas check out some of our previous articles.

Dark Chocolate

Do we really need to say why dark chocolate is good for your? We’ll just say that it is great for your taste palate and we’ll let the experts explain the why.


Perfect time for “you” time… Relax, pamper, detox, cleanse… Taking the time to alternate quick showers with pampering baths will give you a whole other appreciation to cleansing. It is a great chance for you to spend quality time just being. Spoil yourself with some organic bath oils, Epsom bath salt to relax your hard working muscles, candle lighting to soothe your eyes and mind, maybe even a glass of wine!


No need to elaborate much on this one… Healthy and safe sex is amazing for your body and mind – and of course for your relationship too! Plus, it could count as your cardio exercise for the day! Having more sex is a win win no matter how you see it. Side effects may include catching yourself singing in the rain and dancing your way through puddles the morning after.


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