February 20, 2013

Miss K’s Sexy Peekaboo Photo Session

Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-001 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-002 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-003 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-004 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-005 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-006 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-007 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-008 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-009 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-010 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-011 Peekaboo-Portland-Curvy-Girls-012Here’s what Miss K had to say about her recent modern boudoir experience:

“This was one of the most fun experiences of my life!  Thank you so much for the opportunity and for your amazing staff!  Where should I/ can I write a review?  Anyone interested in Boudoir, should talk to you!”

Thanks so much Miss K. We love you and your beautiful curves! Miss K’s sexy, fun and spirited boudoir shoot at the Mississippi Boudoir studio was a blast! She brought some saucy and fun looks with a variety of cool outfits. We’re in love with the jumping shots and you gotta love a classic wool blanket as well for the winter snuggle sessions. xo (ps. check out some of our reviews on Yelp if you’re interested in reading more true life experiences!)