April 6, 2013

Healthy Beauty Habits


Hello Peekaboo ladies.

Spring is an ideal time to implement some healthy and beauty habits. You may want to take notes on this so prepare:

  • Sleep: Quite possibly the most crucial healthy habit you could get into is getting enough sleep for your body to charge up and your system to invigorate.
  • Water: Drinking plenty of water not only hydrates your body making your skin glow healthy, but also makes you feel fuller resulting to eating less amount of  food when you may not actually be hungry.
  • Fruit: Eat fruit daily, regularly. Make a habit to substitute dessert with fruit and you’ll thank yourself later. Try a fruit salad, fruit kebabs and chopped up fruit with plain yogurt. If you’re really craving that touch of sugar, try a table spoon of honey in the yogurt.
  • Exercise: Try to find an exercise routine you actually enjoy. That will keep you onto the routine and you’ll look forward to it instead of dreading it. We personally love Yoga, but you can also try Pilates, some sort of dance, maybe Zumba,  swimming, jogging (maybe with your dog if you have one) cycling, climbing, you name it. Just love what you do.
  • Skin care: Did you know that skin is your biggest organ? Take care of it and you will feel amazing in it. If you use make up, make sure to use mineral makeup because it is lighter to the skin and it doesn’t clog the pores. Also, clean it off regularly before sleep and apply a deep clean or reinvigorating mask about once a week. Also don’t forget sunscreen and sun protection all year long in order to maintain that beautiful baby soft skin you have.

Last but not least, be happy and enjoy whatever you do. A stress-free lifestyle is the best medicine you can feed yourself.