April 28, 2012

Five Reasons to Book Your Boudoir Shoot with Peekaboo Portland!

Portland_Boudoir_Photography (10)Five reasons to book your boudoir shoot with Peekaboo Portland!

1. Ego boost! Who doesn’t want to feel pampered for a day? Get your hair and makeup done by our wonderful and talented makeup artist, Kirstie Wight and feel like a queen for the day!

2. Is your husband’s birthday coming up? Show him how much you love with him with a pocket sized photo album.

3. Let’s shop! We love finding an excuse to go out and shop. Having seductive shoes, lingerie, and jewelry to get you in the mood for your boudoir shoot!

4. Having a girl’s night soon? Show your boudoir photos off to your girlfriends with our retro viewfinder and personalized slides with your photographs!

5. Wedding gift! Getting married this summer? Hurry and schedule a shoot with our lovely Peekaboo Portland team that will make your modern boudoir experience one of a kind and make your soon to be husband overwhelmed with excitement once he sees your sexy photos.